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Complete Community

A dense yet balanced, diverse and synergistic mix of uses creating a complete community.

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Connected To Our Neighborhoods

A strong harmonious relationship between
the development and the surrounding context.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the vision for Mission Point, By Kylli?

The project intends to become a destination where residents and members of the community can live, work, play and learn. The site will accommodate residential and commercial office space, a hotel, neighborhood retail, an educational facility, and daycare facilities.

What is currently on the site?

The site currently serves as overflow parking but is entitled to be a standalone 3+ million square feet office campus. We believe it will better serve the community as a site with many uses and public accessibility, and will be a thoughtful and better-planned alternative to the current single-use office-only zoning.

Why are mixed-use, high-density projects a better alternative to 1970’s urban sprawl?

Increased density projects maximize the number of residential units and preserve and allocate greater amounts of open space and wildlife habitat. The proposed mix of uses will create a balance between jobs and housing with supporting businesses and amenities within walking distance to reduce dependence on automobiles and encourage a healthy lifestyle for residents and visitors.

What about traffic?

Kylli is working with the City of Santa Clara on a traffic management plan to address and solve issues relating to traffic. The project incorporates a mix of transportation uses designed to bring people, activities, buildings and public space together within walking distance of light rail and bus transit services. In addition, the project will incorporate easy walking and cycling connections both within the site and to the surrounding area to reduce reliance on automobiles.

Will the housing be affordable?

The project aims to help address the shortage of housing in the region. Understanding the housing crunch in the Bay Area, Kylli will be providing a percentage of affordable housing throughout the project.

Where will all the kids who live there go to school?

To support the growing northern Santa Clara area, we are proposing an elementary school and daycare facilities. Our dialogue with local education partners and the community have made it clear that education and childcare resources are a top priority. We believe this is an opportunity to support Santa Clarans and build best-in-class education facilities for future generations.

Besides housing, what will the site offer the residents of Santa Clara?

Aside from the educational facilities, the plan proposes the creation of significant new open spaces, including experiential, recreational and ecological spaces. These new amenities could support community gatherings, concerts, community gardening, pick-up sports games and children’s play spaces. Open spaces will be designed to encourage healthy lifestyles for residents and locals, as well as visitors. The site is also planned to include a grocery store, restaurants and a hotel. The project will be a new neighborhood that is accessible to all.

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