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Community engagement is foundational to the goals of Mission Point and our commitment to ensuring we meet the needs of our constituents—the residents and businesses we envision joining our community.

Over the last five years, we’ve sought input through community meetings, focus groups, individual conversations, local events and surveys, actively listening to understand your priorities. Thanks to the valuable insight gained from this inclusive process, we transformed and improved the Mission Point design in many ways. An active community is critical as we move forward and we encourage you to continue to stay engaged!

Community involvement (timeline)


1/13 – Community Meeting at Northside Branch Library

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4/28 – Three focus group sessions

5/23-6/3 – Telephone surveys (600 residents)

6/24 – Open house at Northside Branch Library


1/24 – Open house at Central Park Library

2/25 – City North Vision Workshop at City Hall Council

3/4 – Open Space Workshop at Central Park Library

3/14 – Cocktail Event at Triton Museum

3/18 – Complete Communities Design Workshop

5/23 – Open House at Central Park Library

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Missionpointbykylli Timeline 4


More than 10 small group conversations with community 2020 members/neighbors.


More than 20 small group conversations with community members/neighbors.


3/23 – Virtual Townhall Meeting

5/4 – Scoping Meeting

6/22 – Virtual Adobe Wells Community Meeting

7/4 – Sponsored and booth at July 4th All City Picnic

10/1 – Sponsored Parade of Champions

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Missionpointbykylli Timeline 5


1/25-1/26 – Community Meetings

6/8 – Rivermark Community Meeting

7/4 – July 4th All City Picnic

8/24 – Silicon Valley Bike Summit

9/16-9/17 – Sponsored and booth at Arts & Wine Festival

10/7 – Santa Clara Parade of Champions

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