Mission Point Vision


A vibrant, urban neighborhood


Homes for everyone


Part of the City’s smart pathway to growth


Parks and Open Space


A neighborhood that runs on leg power

The vision

A vibrant, urban neighborhood:

Convergence of commerce and culture – work and play, walk and bike. A wide array of amenities to make everyday life more balanced and enjoyable.

Homes for everyone:

A place with a variety of home types designed for a diverse array of households – from single professionals to multigenerational families to single nesters and retirees. we will meet the city’s inclusive housing requirements.

Part of the City’s smart pathway to growth:

Part of the Santa Clara North development plan.

Parks and Open Space:

Significant public parkland and open space is proposed within the site, including a central spine that connects with the neighboring Patrick Henry Drive Specific Plan area — ensuring that residents, workers, shoppers, diners, visitors and our community neighbors can easily access and use these spaces.

A neighborhood that runs on leg power:

We envision less driving and more walking within our site, easy access to light rail, connection to bike trails and neighboring developments beyond our site.

We Are Kylli

Kylli is a full-service investment holding firm focusing on the development, operation and management of institutional quality real estate assets in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We deliver innovative, thoughtful, design-led user experiences through our projects and collaborations.

We pride ourselves in building longstanding relationships with our occupiers and do so through our deep understanding of their requirements and our regional knowledge and expertise.

Our goal is to cultivate community, connection and smart, sustainable growth throughout the communities and assets we serve.

We operate a vertically integrated model, so we can focus on sustainability, excellence in design and quality across all of our projects; ensuring that we leave a lasting legacy within the communities we serve. Our vision is to create and manage projects that exceed the expectations and needs of the people that use them

For more information about Kylli please visit kylli.com

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225 Bush Street, San Francisco

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Burlingame Point, Burlingame