Imagine a new kind
of urban neighborhood
in Santa Clara North.
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What if we could create a place that would help bring life into balance for Santa Clarans? What if we could help the city grow in a smart and sustainable way?

We are Kylli, and we’re envisioning a new kind of urban neighborhood in the emerging Santa Clara North district near Levi’s Stadium. While we’re currently entitled to build 3.06 million square feet of office, we think there’s a better way forward. What we have in mind is a vibrant, inclusive neighborhood that would bring together a broad spectrum of homes, offices, shops and community life. A place where people could walk or bike almost anywhere they want to go – to work, school, the park, the café, even the light rail station.

We have lots of ideas, but our current priority is to understand whether this is the right community for Santa Clara. We’d love to hear from you, and we invite you to get connected.

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A dense yet balanced, diverse and synergistic mix of uses creating a complete community.

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A strong harmonious relationship between
the development and the surrounding context.


Our dialogue with local education partners and the community has confirmed that education and childcare resources are a top priority for residents. To support the growing northern Santa Clara area, the site plans include an elementary school and daycare facilities. We believe this is an opportunity to support Santa Clarans and build best-in-class education facilities for future generations. We are committed to encompassing project aspects that will be beneficial to the emerging northern Santa Clara area and its community.

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With approximately 6,000 new units anticipated, the project aims to add needed housing for the region. The proposal creates an integrated network of neighborhoods offering the best of well-planned and state-of-the-art living within a walkable (car optional) mixed-use community. The project will include a diverse range of housing types, sizes and amenities, offering something for everyone.

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The transportation network for the project will be designed to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists and to encourage sustainable transit-oriented choices as part of everyday life. Smart parking solutions, ride-share, employer partnerships and other strategies are being explored to reduce congestion and improve land-use synergy.

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Open Space

The plan proposes the creation of significant new open spaces, including recreation fields, gardens, plazas and streetscapes. These new amenities could support community gatherings, regional connectivity and environmental stewardship with a healthy lifestyle for locals as well as visitors.

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With 3.06 million square feet of office currently approved, the proposal re-imagines how corporate office and retail can be integrated with housing to create a complete community with amenities that improve quality of life for office workers, residents and visitors alike.

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