Community discussions continue May 23 with updated vision for mixed-use neighborhood

Santa Clara, Calif. (May 22, 2019) – Kylli, Inc. will host a community open house this week to unveil significant resident-inspired updates to its proposed neighborhood at 3005 Democracy Way in north Santa Clara, now called Mission Point by Kylli.

Scheduled for May 23 at 6:30pm in the Redwood Room at Santa Clara’s Central Park Library, the event is the fourth in a series of community-wide conversations this year with Santa Clara neighbors to shape the vision for a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood in place of its current office-only entitlement.

“We have been working with our neighbors to develop a better, more balanced plan for Santa Clara — one that brings in other vital components of a community,” said Randi Gerson, vice president of real estate for Kylli. “It’s critical to be thoughtful and forward-thinking about what this planned shift to a more urban setting will mean for Santa Clara – not just the aesthetics, but also how we manage things like traffic and building heights and affordability, issues faced all across Silicon Valley. Our ongoing conversations with the community have contributed significantly to evolving plans for Mission Point, and we’re excited to continue the discussion and share the latest evolution of this project.”

At Mission Point, Kylli envisions a vibrant community offering a mix of homes, neighborhood shopping and dining options, offices and open space with easy access to transit and trails, in a part of the city earmarked by planners for urban expansion, near Levi’s Stadium and California’s Great America amusement park. The current proposal features 3.65 million square feet of office space, 6,000 housing units including 900 affordable units, 400,000 square feet of retail, a 300-key hotel, a public elementary school for up to 600 students and three daycare centers for up to 250 children. The site will also have approximately eight acres of open space featuring an environmentally conscious design that includes a network of paths to encourage walking and biking.

In April, Kylli submitted updated plans based on resident input to date. Among the most noteworthy refinements is the reduction in maximum building height by 30 percent; from 600 feet to 400 feet, bringing the project closer in line with urban infill projects in cities like San Diego and Portland. Blocks have been shortened to increase walkability and movement within the community, and access to neighboring communities and trails have been enhanced. And, building and open space details are more specific and meaningful, with ‘character zones’ offering a unique look and feel. These and other enhancements are the result of several meetings and design workshops and hundreds of one-on-one conversations with residents and neighbors over the past two years.

“These meetings are an opportunity to listen to the community, have a deeper conversation about what’s needed in Santa Clara, and to discuss how Mission Point fits into the larger picture,” said Gerson. “We look forward to showing our neighbors how their input and ideas have come alive in this project, and continuing our candid discussions about Santa Clara’s future and what it means to deliver a complete community.”

Residents and media interested in attending the May 23 Open House are asked to RSVP via email at

About Kylli

Kylli, Inc. was established in October 2013 in California, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Genzon Investment Group Co., Ltd., Kylli carries an important mission to direct Genzon’s investment in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kylli focuses on investment, development and management of institutional quality assets in the United States. Additional Bay Area properties owned by Kylli include 225 Bush in San Francisco and Burlingame Point in Burlingame, which has been fully leased to Facebook. Genzon is a privately-held full service investment company headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with diverse expertise and experience in developing and managing a variety of building types, such as high-rise offices, technology campuses, residential projects, hotels, and golf resorts.